What We Do

Social Edison wants you to have more fun with technology, so we create innovative digital fixes to the challenges businesses and consumers face online. We create ideas as a conduit for better social, marketing and mobile experiences. And that’s fun for everyone. Are you getting the picture here?

If you’re not born yesterday, you know crowdfunding is getting big. Our first product is Crowdjammer, and it fixes the backer-support and marketing issues that face the crowdfunding industry. —- You’re welcome.


Crowdfunding is becoming the ultimate avenue for product launches, and in 2013 this avenue will extend to companies wanting to raise startup capital. The market is exploding and is growing into a multi-billion dollar industry.

In a typical campaign, the startup targets their audience, hoping to raise enough money to deliver needed capital from hundreds or even thousands of donors. With countless platforms to run a campaign, there is still no way to easily market and build an audience to assure enough donors arrive to build a successful campaign.

Crowdjammer is a unique, turnkey technology that helps crowdfunders build and market their campaigns successfully across all crowdfunding platforms, including Indiegogo and Kickstarter. This is accomplished by fusing all marketing best-practice from social, email, and community into a comprehensive hosted-software, with detailed guides that increase the probability for success.

The solution is currently in private beta, and Crowdjammer will be made available to the public in May 2013.

Check out Crowdjammer now.

Who We Are

Social Edison

Social Edison, led by CEO Danny Kastner, is a technology company that innovates with a fan-first approach towards social network fan interaction. We set out to change the gravity laws of social media where very few fans actually see and respond to messaging. Thus was born our core technology platform, Minty Swirl, and we built the simplest approach to drive social fans to more direct interaction with non-profit organizations, entertainment companies, sports franchises – any brand at all!

With technology in hand we set out on a great mission.


For more information or questions about any of the projects, please email social@socialedison.com.